1. When unpacking furniture, avoid sharp tools.
  2. Upholstered furniture is often vacuum packed. After unpacking the furniture you should pat it and smooth with the hand so it can take the proper shape, and then let it stand freely to straighten creases of fabric. You should smooth from the center of the furniture/pillows to the edge of the furniture.
  3. To avoid damage, do not move the furniture grabbing upholstery. Furniture should always be held by hard structural elements.
  4. Do not expose the furniture for the pointed, strong pressure. This may cause damage to the mechanical structure as well as to the outer shell of the furniture which can be torn.
  5. Furniture should be placed no closer than 1.5 m from sources of heat.
  6. You should avoid exposing furniture to direct external factors such as rain, frost, sun.
  7. When placing piece of furniture make sure that it is not exposed to repetitive and continuing friction, eg. on the communication routes. This can lead to permanent dirt and change the properties of the fabric.
  8. For furniture cleaning, use a soft cloth and towels. Friction and attempt “to spot clean” the furniture can permanently damage the fabric.