Good to know

Dirt removal


If there is a spill of liquid on the sofa, use a wellabsorbant material by applying it to the place where there is a liquid. Do not use pressure nor rub. Only after the initial draining off, wipe the stain with a delicate material applying a light pressure

Spillage stains

Staining liquids wipe using a soapy cotton cloth and not spreading stain. Turn over a soapy cloth after each contact with the fabric, so you not spread or rub the stain into the fabric. Rinse the soap with water.

Dry stains

If the grime is resulting from application of dry substances such as sand, powder, flour, etc. it should be vacuumed before penetrating into the interior. If this way to remove stains does not work, shake the dirt. A soft brush can be used as a last resort. If you still did not remove the substance, you should gently soap a cotton cloth and remove the stain in a circular motion.


Periodic cleaning

Furniture should be cleaned and vacuumed regularly. This should be done using a vacuum cleaner and a soft cloth.

Test your detergents

If you are not sure whether used measure does not adversely affect the furniture, you should perform a test on a hidden area (back of the furniture, under the pillow, etc.).

Hypoallergenic soap

For cleaning your furniture, hypoallergenic soaps are highly recommended, as they don’t react aggressively with materials and surfaces.

Dry after cleaning

Furniture must be dried using the hair dryer set on the lowest level of heat to prevent damage and deformation of the fabric.

The cleaning alphabet


  • clean immediately after staining;
  • to remove the soap you should sprinkle it with water and drain
    until the complete removal of soap;
  • use a paper towel only for draining;
  • for cleaning use only microfibre cloth;
  • always use a clean part of paper towel or microfiber cloth;
    if necessary, use a sponge, not a brush;
  • for cleaning use only natural soap;
  • After removing the dirt, wipe the area around the stain with a damp cloth to maintain the same level of humidity.

Not recommended

  • clean without applying much pressure;
  • do not use sharp cleaning tools such as brushes.