About us

Growing since 1990

Stagra Meble Company began operations in 1990 in the town of Wieruszow. Its founders and owners were and are Stanislaw and Grazyna Mieszała. During these 25 plus years the company has evolved from a small factory producing furniture for one of the leading brands in the region, well known in Poland and Europe. Our company has changed drastically since 1990. Although, the tradition to fabricate beautiful and comfortable furniture has never changed since. In each product you will find a piece of heart of each one of our workers. Enthusiastic and dedicated as they are, by choosing the right components, patterns, high quality real and artificial leathers and coloured materials over the years, they helped to build and create who we are now. In many cases their inventiveness helped to satisfy even the most demanding of our customers.


The huge capital of Stagra Meble are its employees. We are a team of more than 300 people, professionals in their fields. Their knowledge, skills and experience, as well as commitment determine the potential and value of the company.
Modern production facility
Today Stagra Meble is a modern, meeting high European standards company which manufactures a wide and diverse range of lounge furniture. The company is proud of its impressively renovated, functional and customer and employee friendly headquarter, as well as of a modernized production plant. The plant was equipped with machinery and equipment of the latest generation and adapted to the implementation of innovative technologies.