Good to know

High quality materials

We know that only the proper materials allow one to create a highquality, valuable product. Therefore, our corners, sofas and chairs are made of reliable materials and components sourced from proven suppliers.

Fabric template

Careful and comprehensive selection of fabrics and faux leather ensures the choice of the best sort and quality of materials.

Download fabric template

Attention to details

For us, every detail is important. There are no important and less important elements. We take great care in all stages of the process of furniture making the design, the selection of materials, production, and finishing touches.

How to read dimensions

Sleeping surface

Sleeping surfaces are measured in width and depth of the occupied space after the piece has been set up. The dimensions given may differ from the actual by approximately 3%.

The depth and width

These dimensions determine the occupied space and usability. Due to the production technology of upholstered furniture there is a margin of tolerance, therefore, the dimensions given may differ from the actual by approximately 3%.


The height of the furniture is always measured in three different sites (see furniture below). These are: seat height (here at ottoman), armrest height, total height with the backrest, cushions and headrests.