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Technical specifications


Seating height: 48 cm

Heihgt: 95 cm

Width: 175 cm

Depth: 100 cm

Sleeping surface: 150 x 200 cm

Sofa Vario received the „Diamond of Furniture 2017” award in the category „Comfort Zone – Furniture”

Assembly types
Sleeping function:  TYPE: D

Collection features


Funkcja spania

Rozkładana dodatkowa powierzchnia sofy lub narożnika, która z powodzeniem zastąpi łóżko dla gości, jak i stworzy dodatkowe miejsce odpoczynku.

Combining different fabrics

Combining different fabrics two or more fabrics of different colors and texture may be used on a single piece of furniture; such combination offers interesting visual effects

Wave springs

Classic way to spring upholstered furniture; the springs are made of wire having a diameter of 2,8-4,3 mm; available forms: flat, semi-circular, circular

PU foam

Polyurethane foam for seats and backrests production of upholstered furniture; it enables to give fancy shapes to the furniture; provides softness and comfort of the sofa, chair or corner sofa

Adjustable armrest

Option of lifting and lowering the armrest in order to fit with a corresponding arm position; provides comfortable support for arms

Detached cushions

Perfectly fitted, separable cushions form a backrest of a sofa or a corner sofa; can be freely carried, removed, moved, etc.

Highest quality

It refers to both the appearance and functionality; used materials, raw materials and production technologies are a guarantee of high quality and high potential of the furniture

Moving elements

Adjustable sides Sleeping function

Product card

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Sofa VARIO has a sleeping function. It has no storage space for bedding. Thanks to the timeless design this sofa fits well in both classical and modern interiors. VARIO is also ideal in a youth room.

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